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Are You Qualified to Write?

Have you ever wanted to do something you love, but then get cold feet? You suddenly feel shame, hesitation, or worry, and even though you truly want to do it, you disqualify yourself?

Well ... welcome to the club!

The enemy is deathly scared that we will step into our purpose, so he attacks us in that area. It’s happened since the beginning of time. Moses was called to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, but he became a convicted murderer. David was called to be a leader of integrity and might, and he became a murderer and adulterer. Saul (Paul) was called to be an apostle, and he literally got a job as the CEO of Christian Killers, Inc. Men, women, children, no difference … he killed or imprisoned them with passion. And then he went on to write half of the New Testament.

So our pasts tend to contain exactly the kind of mistakes that ought to disqualify us. Mine included.

Our pasts tend to contain exactly the kind of mistakes that ought to disqualify us.

While I prepared this blog, the enemy reminded me of my past sins, my past mistakes, my disqualifications. I heard thoughts telling me why I should abandon the whole thing and keep quiet, because I would be a hypocrite to write a blog. This happens every time I’m about to step into something I feel I am called to do, so thank God I was more prepared this time.

By the way, if the devil ever talks to you, just ignore him. Don’t talk back. He hates that.

So I ignored him and asked Jesus what He thought. I spent some time talking to Him about what I was going through, what I was hearing, what I was planning.

I’ve discovered that Jesus likes to speak to me through random verses that He shows me, especially when I have a specific question. I’ll let my Bible fall open and read the first verse my gaze fell on. Jesus tells me the most awesome stuff this way, it’s so cool.

So I asked Jesus, “Should I write this blog?” and flopped my Bible open to a random page.

“I will write” were the first three words I read. The middle of Revelation 3:12. There’s only three verses with that phrase in the whole Bible. Tell me that’s blind chance.

We've got a commission from our Father to do everything we do out of love. If we believe in Jesus, we are brand-new creatures specially created and assigned to do something. We are never called to do something we're not able to do with the help of the Holy Spirit.

We are never called to do something we're not able to do with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes, if you don't feel "qualified" to do it, that qualifies you to do it, because it gives the Lord the opportunity to be strong in you.

No, I’m not qualified to write this blog. But Jesus in me is! Oh boy, this is going to be fun.

What do you feel like you’re called to do? Do you have a past that says, “No”? Do you have a past that says, “Guilty”? Does your past tell you, “You’re literally the most unqualified person to do this!”

Then you just might want to check with Jesus, because He just might be calling you there.

And it’s going to be incredible what He and you can do together.

Philippians 4:13 - I CAN do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

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Joshua Sword

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