Author Personality Types: Hybrids

There are some authors who combine the best strategies of both Planners and Panters. (By the way, if either of those terms are new to you, check out the other two blog posts in this series before reading this one!)

These kinds of authors are big on plot, but bigger on the heart behind the plot. They value good structure, but they also treasure the impromptu and know that sometimes moments of brilliance can’t be planned. Enter: the Hybrid!

If you’re a Hybrid, you always plan out your stories and novels in advance. In the beginning phase, you are a sold-out Planner—character sheets, outlines, index cards … the whole enchilada. But somewhere along the planning process, the urge to write overwhelms you. You have to dig into the story with both hands, whether the outline is ready or not. Sometimes you just can’t plan these things.