Book Review: Artemis Fowl

I don't know where this book has been all my life. I would call it a hidden gem, but the movie adaptation is coming out this year and apparently everybody in the universe has already read it, so maybe I've just been living under a rock. If you've already read it—well, nuts. Keep reading anyway.

I found Artemis Fowl during my stint of middle grade fiction research, but put off reading it for months. I've been disappointed so many times by middle grade novels—especially the ones that are trumped up as masterful pieces of literature—that I think I was a little more cautious when I picked this one off the library bookshelf.

It sat in my room for three weeks. I got a notice from the library reminding me it was due. I still hadn't so much as read the first page. But I renewed it anyway and finally cracked it open.

From that point on, my hands were shackled to this book.