Why We Need to Create

There's an inborn urge within all of us to create, express, design. Why?


Secular science tells us that all of the beautiful things in the world are only for practical purposes, and that’s the only reason beauty exists—for example, attractive male animals that protect their more nondescript mates, using their plumage as little more than a defense mechanism.

However, if beauty exists only for practical purposes, why are the stellar constellations so enrapturing and the cosmic paintings so captivating, when they don’t serve any purpose to our galaxy whatsoever? The stars could have just as easily been plain, logical, or organized. The Big Dipper could have been an orderly grid of same-sized stars. God could have painted the sky an even, practical gray so we wouldn’t get so cloudy-headed about life.

But often the most beautiful things are lovely simply because they aren’t necessary. We see them in nature all the time, the cherries on top of creation