About Joshua Pior

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Hey, my name's Josh ... and I'm an author.

This blog was inspired by my younger self.

From a very early age, I wrote page after page of novels, short stories, poems, essays, reports … but the whole time I doubted myself and didn't know if anybody actually succeeded at what I was doing. (Read more about my writing journey here.)

So here I am, a twenty-something young adult, writing more than ever, and I still find it hard to call myself an author.

Maybe you do as well.

Perhaps you hesitate to call yourself an author. A writer, sure, but not an author. Not until you've finished that novel, landed an agent, published your book.

If that's you, this might be the right place to be.

I want to connect with young, aspiring authors like you. I want to empower and encourage you in your calling, connect you with your tribe. I want to give you every tool I can to help you succeed.

If you love writing, but you're afraid that you're too young, too inexperienced, too untalented—then you might want to stick around. You're not. We've all felt that way, but we don't have to believe it.

Let's crush fear in the head. We're going to write, get published, do the dream.

We're going to become Jeune Authors.