By Way of Introduction

Hey. My name's Josh Pior. I'm not the author of several best-selling novels and award-winning series. I don't live in the picturesque mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I haven't sold 13 million copies worldwide.

Not yet, anyway.

But I do have a passion to see you write your first novel. And second. And third. In fact, this blog is entirely focused on helping you become the best writer you can be.

I'm not an expert on writing. Instead, I find the best advice that has helped my own writing and share it with you.

This blog is a community of young writers helping each other—sharing what we've learned, experience, discovered.

Oh, and I believe in God. That fact will become evident the longer you stick around. He saved my life, and I'm not ashamed to tell you how He can save yours, too. You are more than free to mention Him here, as often as you would like!

If you're new, I recommend starting out with some of my most popular posts below. They'll help us get better acquainted.

Also, don't forget to grab all the free stuff! If you visit the Free Writing Tools page, you'll be able to download an eBook packed with my best story-writing tips and plot outlining tools. Plus, there's a bonus eBook when you share this offer with a friend!

You bring a unique perspective and style to this blog, so stick around and comment on the posts so we can chat. And while the forum is still developing, I'd encourage you to join and start connecting with the other writers on this site. I promise to always join the conversation.

Until our next chat, happy writing and God bless!

— Josh