Write a Story With Purpose.

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  1. Write characters that your readers can cry over. This is another way of saying your readers should love your characters enough to cry over them. Not all the time. They should laugh and gasp, too. But, no matter how lighthearted or happy your story is, there should be at least one good I’m-gonna-cry moment. It's good to use the whole emotional palette.

  2. Create a page-turning plot. Don’t be scared by the word “plot.” It doesn’t matter which kind of author you are—planners, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pantsers, and hybrids all need to know how to make a gripping plot.

  3. Make a lasting impact with a meaningful theme. The best stories always teach us something. Something about love. Or truth. Or goodness. Or sacrifice, beauty, fear.

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